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Understand your behavior. Learn to de-escalate and de-fuse your anger.
Enjoy life again...we teach you how.


Shift your family into success and love. Learn new methods for today's kids.


Classes are 24-29 sessions depending on court orders. Healthier relationships will change your life. Start here.

All classes are offered in both English and Spanish

We help you grow

Highly effective training programs that will help YOU to not just GO through Life, but to GROW through Life. Our programs are developed with the client in mind. Learn new tools. Create more harmony in your family and within yourself .

Why Choose Us

Our instructors have many years of field experience working with DCF families, the school system, substance abuse populations, Probation Departments and mental health agencies. Fully CERTIFIED instructors with an advanced degree. Our classes teach the latest, most up-to-date curriculums. Programs are recognized and implemented nationwide. We are passionate about HEALTHY FAMILIES and YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS.
Getting Unstuck

Life can get tough. Your behaviors have taken you down treacherous paths or maybe bad luck just seems to follow you around, no matter how hard you try to 'fix' things.

It feels like the deck of cards is stacked against you and there is no way out. Life did not come with a manual and you're constantly being tested and challenged at work, at home, in school, everywhere. Your (re)actions may have hurt your loved ones, your children and yourself. These actions can't be undone. Maybe you're starting to realize this.

This is when most people get mentally 'stuck'.

Our Specialization

Mastery Solutions Education for Behavior Modification is specialized in highly effective, accredited training programs that will help people to not just Go through Life, but to Grow through Life.

We Teach

We can teach you how:

...To change those behaviors that are working against you.
...To find and create your own joy, value and meaning in Life.
...To have satisfying and fulfilling personal experiences.

We Are Certified

National Certification stands for quality. Our programs are accepted by criminal and family courts nationwide. We are certified and endorsed by the National Anger Management Association.

Offering Education and Empowerment for Change, Personal Development and Growth

We strive to improve families and communities, one important individual at a time.

Key concepts

Change and struggle are inevitable facts of life. The newest research in neuroscience has demonstrated that the living brain never stops learning. So no matter what your past is, positive life changes are available right now through Education and Empowerment. A chance to change the behaviors that get you in trouble is here. For everyone.


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